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  Broadband Wireless Laser System  
  Broadband Wireless Laser System
The FSONA Free Space Optics (or optical wireless) system is a point-to-point laser data transmission alternative to the conventional fibre cables and offers high speed connection and flexibility.

Advantages of using FSONA include

No spectrum licensing required

No frequency coordination required
No physical disruption to a location
No government zoning approvals required
Secure and undetectable
Eye-safe. FSONA uses 1550 nm Class 1 (safest rating) laser that is safe to view by eye even with a 25 mm binocular.
Fast installation and ready to use
There are various models to cater for specific usage, ranging at:
Transmission : 10 Mbps to 1,448 Mbps
Operational range :

50 m to 7,700 m

Areas of application include military and government, wireless service provider, private ...
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