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  Local UL-Certified Filling/ Refilling Station
Set up in the year 2002 at the location of Glenmarie, our UL-certified filling/refilling station has the capability to fill and/or refill clean agent gases HFC-227ea (FE-227/FM-200) and HFC-125 (Ecaro-25). This is to assure the ingenuity, quality and quantity of clean agent gases supplied to our distinguished clients. Delivery of the clean agent filled containers is within 10 days in Malaysia.
Not only is the quality of clean agent gases important, the distribution of such gases when discharged also play a very important extinguishing role. To effectively achieve even discharge within 10 seconds, the discharge nozzles have to be engineered and customised in accordance to individual situations. Thus, we also have a UL-certified discharge nozzle drilling station to assure a professional approach and guaranteed quality to fire extinguishing.